Pure Chemistry
For more than 40 years, glycolic acid has been predominately produced by either the carbonylation of formaldehyde or with glycolonitrile as a starting material. Both processes leave residual traces of formaldehyde in the finished commercial product.

By contrast, CrossChem's GlyAcid® is produced using a proprietary acid saponification and purification process that does not use formaldehyde while delivering a high purity glycolic acid in 57% solution, 70% solution and 99% crystalline.
GlyAcid® Product Options
CrossChem's GlyAcid® HP is a series of formaldehyde free high purity glycolic acids. The HP product line is offered in three concentrations with several packaging options:
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A next generation high purity glycolic acid
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Discover the features and benefits of the GlyAcid® product line
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The chemical and mechanical effects of glycolic acid on human hair keratin
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